A broad speciality product portfolio bound together by the ability to make a meaningful difference

We are unusual — as individuals and as a company — in several respects. As a speciality company we are highly focused, valuing depth over breadth of knowledge. In our relationships with medical specialists, we prize the partnership and shared insight that enable us to develop new treatments to meet their patients’ needs.

At the same time we pay close attention to what “quality of life” really means. Because we understand that quality of life means something different to each individual. For those struggling with serious or debilitating medical conditions, it can mean regaining the ability to work, pursuing a passion, caring for a family or returning to a daily routine.

For others it can mean living more confidently, whether free from physical disability and constraint, or free to more completely express themselves and their sense of inner beauty. To us, “quality of life” is more than a catchphrase. It is an idea that inspires and orients us in all that we do. It governs how we invest our research and development resources, which medicines, devices and treatments we bring to market and which educational and support services we provide.

In the speciality areas we serve, we focus on working with doctors and scientists worldwide to pursue therapeutic and medical aesthetic advances capable of helping patients live their lives to their fullest potential.